…. All of them are looking for a way to get the edge when it comes to making money.

You are no different.

Would you have anything against it, when your business attracts public attention?

Friends talk with each other about the “great” merchant in town. The locals rapidly start to like the place and many people need to enter, when they pass by. The products are always the latest trend, the sales personnel smart and keen to help, so most of the people just can’t leave the site without buying something.

The problem!

Naturally, these things don’t happen by chance.

It is an art to create a successful retail space. However, it’s also necessary to possess a number of technical skills like:

• Provide your customers with products they want, at prices they want to buy;
• Give your clients exceptional service;
• Design a shopping atmosphere that is inviting and displays a positive message;
• Cultivate and keep capable and dedicated staff;
• And most importantly – operate a business that if profitable.

Managing all of these things requires on time information and methods based on best practices. A Point of Sale system gives each of these bonuses along with numerous others.

Free Point of Sale ‘s solution

Our Free Point of Sale is here to help. It can run in any retail outlet on any computer.
The POS system just needs to have access to the internet.
And the epos software system is FREE.

Free POS –

• Keeps track of your inventory;
• Registers sales;
• Prints receipts;

… and everything else you’d expect epos system or normal POS software would do.

Small sales are processed in a blink of an eye and can handle complex customised quotes.

Our POS software is suitable for retailers and salons who want a simple solution that is powerful enough “to grow old with”. It can also be used in restaurants, bars, guitar shops, car service stations, grocery stores, beauty salons and various other locations.

Just give it a try – You have nothing to lose.

Update, April 2012

FreePOS.net provides software for point of sale and retail management that helps businesses operate more effectively. Providing fully integrated front and back-office functionality for your store(s) in a single system, the software allows you to manage all aspects of your business workflow. Utilizing web-based technology, our free POS provides central, real time business management from anywhere at anytime. Streamlined inventory management and automated stock replenishment allows you save time planning stock movements and focus on sales.

The full solution provides:

• Ease-of-use
• Amazing flexibility
Free POS software
• Back-Office Document Management (sales orders, quotes, work orders and more)
• Powerful Inventory Control
• Employee Management Tools
• Comprehensive Reporting
and Real-time central control of data

Free POS is intuitive, easy to configure, and easily adaptable for a variety of business verticals. User group based security ensures that access to specific functionality is given to appropriate staff members. Built in Customer management module allows you to get to know your customers and encourage loyal repeat shopping. Our retail point of sale software provides flexibility to meet your business needs, grow with you, and lower IT costs.